Effective training techniques using the Key-Connections Model.
people having a organizational training

ABA is helpful in managing employees by understanding their behaviors and using reinforcement to maintain specific behaviors. These can be in a form of positive feedback, social praise, and approval and/or bonuses. Apart from reinforcing positive behavior, it also helps managers and company owners learn the counterproductive factors in the system of their operations. Remember, a person’s work environment can also affect a person’s behavior. Identifying the reinforcers around them can help leaders focus on their employees as well as fixing the system within the company. Organizational Training also helps employees regulate and manage themselves at work, making way to a productive and respectful working environment for all the managers and staff.

At Key Connections ABA Services, LLC, we can provide training for leaders and employees where they can learn leadership and self-regulation skills.

The following are some of the topics that can be covered for your staff/organization:

  1. Overview of the keyconnections model
  2. Positive Behavior Support (PBS)
  3. Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
  4. Person-Centered Planning
  5. Motivational Interviewing
  6. Trauma-Informed Care
  7. Using the Backpack Self-Regulation System to Regulate Emotions

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