Guiding parents and caregivers as they help their loved ones.
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Caring for a child or a teenager who has a developmental disorder can be challenging. And parents may find it difficult to deal with some of their children’s behavior. To effectively support their loved ones, asking the help of professionals to guide them can really make a difference. Not everyone affected by these disorders has the same goals and preferences. Thus, the support that they receive has to be customized to address their needs. Professionals are capable of supporting their clients and educating their families. This way, they can better understand their loved ones’ condition and be more knowledgeable in helping their loved ones. Professionals can also keep them updated on the progress of their loved ones and even provide them with psychotherapy where they can freely express the challenges they are facing and be given the support that they need to strengthen their resolve that they need to have as primary supporters of their loved ones.

At Key Connections ABA Services, LLC, we utilize the Backpack Self-Regulation Program. This will help our clients manage themselves and promote relaxation in case of tantrums, breakdowns, and other conditions.

Parent consultation is provided weekly or bi-weekly to foster the development of cooperative relationships with families. Do you have further questions about our services? If you do, please send us a message or reach us using our contact information.